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About Us

At Creation Academy, our desire is to provide your children with the building blocks necessary to prepare them for Kindergarten.  To ensure that your child is prepared for success we will focus on the core essentials every child needs to learn through our Creative Curriculum that comes highly recommended through our partner at Teaching Strategies.

By giving them a quality education experience, it is our desire that your child will be able to read, write, know their ABC's, and will be prepared for their first step in Public School where they will attend Kindergarten.

Beyond the academic program, your child will also have the ability to participate in our Spiritual Formation Program where they will learn about Creation, Noah's Ark, Jonah & the Whale, and much more.  In addition to learning inspirational stories, we will help provide behavioral support by teaching them the value of honoring their parents and siblings.

We hope that you will consider enrolling your child into our program so that we can provide your child with everything necessary to equip them for public school.

We Offer

We are starting our Pre-K Program in September 2022.  By pre-enrolling your child you will ensure there place at Creation Academy.

We offer a referral program that rewards each parent with a one-time $50 credit once their referral completes 30 days of Full or Part Time schooling at Creation Academy.

We offer each family free groceries at the end of each week based off annual income.

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