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"One of the great benefits of our program beyond education is every family can shop from our Non-Profit Grocery Store Free of Charge!"

About us

We are a Family focused Pre-K program with a passion to equip your child with the essential skills necessary for Kindergarten.


We offer a Pre-K Program for ages 3-5 years old.


Our prices are the best in Beaver County and we strive to offer Non-Profit prices that are both competitive and excellent.

We currently work with the ELRC and all families will receive a reduced rate after financial assistance is provided.

If you do not qualify for the ELRC, in-house financial assistance may be provided to provide a reduced rate to help meet your childcare needs.

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We are now accepting pre-enrollment for



(We currently only offer childcare and Pre-K for ages 3-5 years old.)


Weekly Rate: $180 (5 Days)

Part-Time Rate: $87.85 (3 Days)

Based off income your child may receive a State Grant reduce rate of $5-20 per week. If for some reason you do not qualify, we offer in-house funding to get your rate down to $150 per week for a full week and $75 per week for Part-Time.

Please download the application that best meets your needs.

At Creation Academy, we are a Parent-Driven Program that focuses on Pre-K and Childcare.  We offer Full Time (M-F), Part Time (3 Days), or daily rates with a minimum of 2 days.  The below applications are for Private Pay and our State Grant Program.

State Grant Income Guidelines: State Grant App

$36,620 Family of 2

$46,060 Family of 3

$55,500 Family of 4

$64,940 Family of 5

If you do not qualify please download and fill out our Private Pay App:

Thanks for subscribing!

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